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IT Infrastructure Decommissioning: Engaging an Industry Expert

Engaging a certified professional team with years of experience and IT asset disposition capabilities (data security, industry compliance, and technology value return) will make a difference in your decommission endeavor. Industry experts can deliver outstanding and extensive ITAD services. They can support the smooth running of your project and prevent disruptions to your daily operations.

Reviewing potential providers against a checklist can help organizations compare and contrast the capabilities and expertise.

Evaluate the following at the start of your project:

  • Purpose of your project

  • Timeline to complete decommissioning

  • Budget

  • Identify project stakeholders

  • Assign a project manager

  • Set a plan

    1. Map necessary workflows

    2. Identify backup systems

    3. Ensure there is not a critical loss of power or data

On-Site Services

Responsibly securing data and recycling systems can push organizations to seek a vendor that can perform data destruction at the client’s facility. The right expert will collaborate with your team to create the most fitting on-site servicing workflow and identify the right sustainable solutions. Hire a vendor that can manage all your technology decommissioning at your location. This simple consideration adds a layer of security to the safety and protection of your information.

The specialist should offer comprehensive IT services. Aside from equipment destruction and data erasure expertise, it should support the management of peripheral materials like storage cabinets, shelves, rails, cables and power cords, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).

Ask your potential partner these questions:

  • Does your company provide project planning support before their servicing?

  • Do you offer on-site data destruction services to maximize data security?

  • Can your professionals perform services without disrupting the client’s daily operations?

Deinstalling at your premises assures only one vendor will oversee the adequate destruction of your equipment and wiping of your data.

Data Destruction

Planning for data destruction demands understanding the best available solutions. Look for vendors who offer multiple options. Work with a provider that has years of experience servicing data destruction projects. It will help protect your information and prevent data breaches.

Seek professionals with practices associated with ITAD and who can dispose of your equipment safely and following environmental guidelines. Industry technology specialists can help you identify potential safety risks before and on destruction day. They should guarantee complete system sanitation, particularly before transporting any equipment out of your facility. The right partner will help you avoid compromising data destruction during your migration process.

Ask the specialist these questions:

  • Do you facilitate multiple methods of data destruction?

  • Can your company manage different types of storage media?

  • Can your team manage the destruction of high volumes of data?

  • Do the various destruction options your business offers meet DoD guidelines?

  • If the technology destruction has to be handled off-site, how do your professionals guarantee an unbroken chain of custody?

Choose a company that facilitates data erasure services to support the repurposing of your assets.

Asset Recovery

Organizations always seek opportunities to generate budget savings. When decommissioning a data center, look for a trusted company with whom you can work continuously.

Having the best return values can help offset expenses related to the project and new technology purchases. Engage professionals whose capabilities include measuring the reusability of your assets and earning maximum value recovery. Consider their ability to sell technology and their connection in the secondary markets.

To assess expertise in asset recovery, ask the following:

  • Does your team treat the equipment carefully during the decommissioning process?

  • Does your company run assessments to evaluate the reusability of each asset for resell?

  • Can you ensure reformatting the asset to its maximum appraisal value?

  • Is the vendor an industry expert who can sell my equipment and obtain maximum value for each asset?

  • Do you have a diverse network in IT secondary markets?

Recycling Obsolete Parts & Commodities

Another pivotal part of the decommissioning process is the recycling of retired assets and commodities. Anyone can recycle, but the question arises around recycling responsibly. Working with the right specialist who follows destruction protocols can help you avoid headaches and protect your organization from any data breach.

Choose a company that has a track of meeting local and regional regulatory requirements. A great way to audit their capabilities is by asking for the industry certifications they hold and the certificates of destruction they offer. They are good indicators of their expertise and trustworthiness for regulatory and corporate compliance. Doing this diligent fact-checking will prevent any mismanagement of your assets.

Remember, only you can protect your organization’s reputation. Ask the IT professional the following:

  • Can your company guarantee or provide proof that no e-waste is illegally exported or sent to landfills?

  • Do your processes meet industry standards and guidelines?

We recommend engaging an R2 certified industry specialist. It will keep your company adherent to environmental regulatory compliance.


Planning is critical to delivering an effective data center decommissioning project. Having the right recycling expert by your side can help you achieve your operations and environmental goals. The process of retiring hardware is complex. Be diligent, ask questions, and seek an ITAD partner who has experience in data security, regulatory compliance, and managing any size technology projects.

Remember to establish a reliable and lasting relationship with your vendor. This professional should work closely with your team to answer questions, guide you and propose the solutions that fit best for your undertaking, like helping obtain maximum value return.

Are you considering decommissioning? Are you ready to engage a vendor? Do you not know where to start? Use our checklist to help you evaluate the capabilities of each professional.

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EDM Recycling is an R2 certified company. Schedule time with one of our experts to learn about our services and how our years of industry experience can support your projects.


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