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IT Infrastructure Decommissioning: Engaging an Industry Expert

Engaging a certified professional team with years of experience and IT asset disposition capabilities (data security, industry compliance, and technology value return) will make a difference in your decommission endeavor. Industry experts can deliver outstanding and extensive ITAD services. They can support the smooth running of your project and prevent disruptions to your daily operations.

Reviewing potential providers against a checklist can help organizations compare and contrast the capabilities and expertise.

Evaluate the following at the start of your project:

  • Purpose of your project

  • Timeline to complete decommissioning

  • Budget

  • Identify project stakeholders

  • Assign a project manager

  • Set a plan

  1. Map necessary workflows

  2. Identify backup systems

  3. Ensure there is not a critical loss of power or data

On-Site Services

Responsibly securing data and recycling systems can push organizations to seek a vendor that can perform data destruction at the client’s facility. The right expert will collaborate with your team to create the most fitting on-site servicing workflow and identify the right sustainable solutions. Hire a vendor that can manage all your technology decommissioning at your location. This simple consideration adds a layer of security to the safety and protection of your information.

The specialist should offer comprehensive IT services. Aside from equipment destruction and data erasure expertise, it should support the management of peripheral materials like storage cabinets, shelves, rails, cables and power cords, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).

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