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Data Center Decommissioning

Secure Data Center Decommissioning

EDM can provide logistical and removal services for your retired IT assets. Our expert team has extensive experience in data center de-installation,  high tech facility move, and technology refresh. You can rest assured that your IT assets will be professionally handled, processed, and recorded according to industry certified standards.

We provide competitive pricing, detailed asset inventory, and reporting by serial number.

Our Process

Itemizing and Planning

Consult with EDM Team. 


We provide detailed lists

and custom-tailored project plan. 



Provide logistical and removal services for your retired IT assets.

Transfer to designated secure storage area.

Secure Data 


Certify 100% erasure 

of data using U.S Department of Defense data destruction standard.


Provide detailed asset inventory and reporting by serial number.

Maximize the value of each components. 

Recycle Obsolete Electronic 

Destruction certifications

and detailed disposition

report are issued.


We are here to help.


Request a meeting with our business advisor.



For Data Center 

For Businesses

For Manufacture

Corporate Information

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