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Data Center Decommissioning

EDM Recycling leads managing your data center decommissioning project in a responsible, efficient, and secure manner. Our specialists have years of experience in asset value recovery and infrastructure reuse assessment. Our trustworthy team works with you to map a project plan. They will properly handle the move, upgrade, or retirement of your IT assets.

We help our customers maximize budget savings through the proper sanitization of each hardware, allowing assets to be repurposed or sold. With a strong presence in the global markets and an extensive resell network, our professionals can secure the best market prices for your inventory.


EDM keeps your decommissioning project and maintaining your information safe as a priority.

Managing data and hardware properly minimizes security threats. Your organization can achieve its operations and technology goals through the appropriate decommission of your technology center.


Some of the benefits our customers experience from our best practices are:

Equipment Decommissioning Advantages

Increased Data Center Efficiency

Organizations boost productivity and expand the physical capacity of their data centers by upgrading their technologies. EDM provides personalized options based on the client’s decommissioning requirements. We support our customers’ project targets while helping them meet environmental compliance.

Cost Recovery and Sustainable Growth

The recovery and reuse of IT assets give companies the ability to regain some of their initial investment cost. Businesses achieve additional budget savings through the resell of their equipment and by applying the profits towards purchasing newer technology. Our experienced team helps customers meet their sustainability goals by making each hardware ready for repurposing or resell through proper data cleaning.

Lower Carbon Footprint

As technology improves and expands, leading data centers find innovative ways to reach a net-zero carbon footprint. Retiring older inventory helps businesses mitigate server inefficiencies and optimize data center operations. It reduces the organization’s carbon emissions. Our professionals work with every client to find appropriate environmental solutions to reach this critical sustainability goal.

What EDM Offers

On-Site Services

EDM can deliver three different data destruction options right at your data center. Click here for details.

Environmental Promise

We are experts when it comes to sustainability. You can trust that our specialists will properly recycle your items to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Global Network

EDM Recycling is connected to an exceptional network of buyers. We make consistent market deals that will get the best prices for your assets.


EDM Recycling maintains full transparency throughout the process. Our clients have visibility to the bidding lists and documents.

Max Value Recovery

We offer our clients a broader sales platform through an extensive global network. You will obtain maximum assets and commodities value recovery by selling your inventory at the best prices.


Our data destruction methods meet regulatory requirements. We facilitate a full chain-of-custody solution that allows tracking your hardware from arrival to destruction.

Our Process

A successful data decommission project requires project planning, the suitable treatment of assets, maintaining an unbroken chain-of-custody, and choosing the appropriate partner. EDM Recycling partners with each organization to help them reach their sustainability objectives. Our specialists work closely with every customer to adapt our processes and are committed to meet our client’s decommissioning goals.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will professionally handle, process, and record your IT assets according to industry-certified standards. Here is a quick overview of our decommissioning process:


We are here to help.

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