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On-Site Data Destruction

Secure On-Site Data Destruction

Protecting the data vulnerability of retired electronic assets is fundamental to prevent any potential information breach. Choosing the appropriate asset decommissioning solution and partnering with the right recycling experts can help minimize unnecessary risks.


EDM Recycling conducts data destruction support at the client’s data center or our convenient Southern California plant. Our team has years of experience properly handling data destruction and working at decommissioning data centers. We help customers choose the service that best fits their needs while offering sustainable solutions.

EDM’s data destruction services are compliant with the R2 and NIST.SP.800-88r1 standards. We offer clients the highest level of data protection using industry-leading technology, capable of performing up to seven levels of data wiping.


Data Destruction Services Options

EDM provides three distinct data destruction options: Data Erasure, Hard Drive Crushing, and Hard Drive Shredding. Our experts help facilitate comprehensive data destruction and electronic recycling. We provide asset serial number reporting and a certificate of destruction report on the same day of service. Clients can track the status of their materials via our secure portal.


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Data Erasure

Data erasing enables the recycling of hard drives instead of physically damaging them. Hard drive sanitation offers an excellent solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery.


Wiping a hard drive is an essential and more sustainable service for customers looking to generate budget savings. Businesses can redeploy cleaned hard drives within their organization or resell the wiped hardware.


EDM performs Data Erasure services using a KillDisk Industrial System machine, capable of providing up to seven layers of sanitation.


Hard Drive Crushing

A data crushing service provides a convenient method for the physical destruction of hard drives at a lower cost.


Crushing means puncturing physical holes in a hard drive using a hard drive crusher machine. The machine applies enough force to break and punch holes in each hard disk drive, providing an added level of data security.


This service is best for clients who own magnetic and solid-state hard drives and prefer a quick and easy one-two punch. 



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Hard Drive Shredding

EDM’s service trucks offers on-site industry-leading shredding technology that can shred thousands of storage media in one day, strip the data-bearing media into tiny pieces, and ensure information is irretrievable.


We facilitate final inventory reconciliation by scanning every hard drive serial number before slicing it. Our on-site shredding service ensures the proper destruction of the hard disks and guarantees all data will be completely unrecoverable.


This service is perfect for clients needing high volume hard drive destruction services at their data center sites.

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Why Choose EDM?


EDM Recycling has comprehensive Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling services. Our experts provide sustainable solutions for all E-waste. We offer a secure tracking portal and provide Asset Serial Number reporting. 


EDM is R2 Certified for responsible recycling. Our team will handle the sustainable recycling of all hard drive residuals after asset destruction.


This is how we compare to others in the market:


Tracking System
Via Our Secure Tracking Portal
Same Day Reporting
R2 Certified
Project Capacity
Large Volume Project Facility
Smaller Facility
On-board Camera Monitoring
Liability Insurance
Detailed Background Check
Competitive Pricing
Commodity Recycling Solution[1]
Chain of Custody[2]
Certificate of Destruction Report
Asset Serial Number Reporting

[1] Recycling solution for all hard drive residuals after asset destruction.

[2] Recorded document information and tracking for control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of materials.