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IT Asset Recovery
We maximize your asset recovery so you can focus on your new IT upgrades.

Why recover electronics?

While recycling sounds like a great solution, repurposing and reusing have become better environmentally friendly options. They reduce energy consumption and significantly minimize needless waste. Recovering electronics also unlocks a new stream of revenue that you can utilize to upgrade your existing technologies. At EDM, our commitment is to lead and support a more sustainable world through our environmental objectives. 

Turn retired IT assets into revenues

EDM’s business purpose focuses on helping organizations achieve their goals. As part of our ITAD package, we offer an Asset Recovery program with a dedicated group of specialists. Our team will separate the retired assets according to functionality and condition. They will either remarket, refurbish, or recycle your end-of-life electronics in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. They will also perform complete inspections on all your retired equipment to identify the best market value for each hardware.

Our remarketing process makes asset value recovery easier. We use our smart-pricing tool, market expertise, and an exceptional network of worldwide buyers to secure the maximum returns for your assets. What does this mean? You can enjoy receiving the value of your recycled assets instantly while we manage your entire IT asset decommissioning project.

Why Choose EDM's Recovery Program?

Immediate Reimbursement

We believe you should receive instant compensation once your hardware is deemed to have recoverable value. Our hassle-free customer experience lets you enjoy the recovery value of your assets right away.


As an R2 certified recycling company, we are experts when it comes to being environmentally responsible. You can trust that we will properly recycle your items to help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Global Market Network

EDM Recycling is connected to an exemplary network of buyers. We make consistent deals that will get the best prices for your assets.


Never lose sight of where your assets go. Our thorough Chain of Custody reporting and 24-hour remote monitoring give you the ability to track every item throughout your decommissioning project.

Smart Pricing

We understand and constantly monitor the market price fluctuation. This best practice helps us sell your assets at the right time for the best value.


Data safety is our priority. Our team will ensure the proper erasure of your data before repurposing any of your assets. EDM's data deletion methods conform with the U.S. Department of Defense data destruction standards (DoD 5220.22-M) and meet NIST 800-88 standards criteria.


We are here to help.

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