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IT Infrastructure Decommissioning 
Vendor Assessment Checklist

Whether you need to move, upgrade, or retire your IT assets, your organization should engage a trustworthy team. Technology recycling experts deliver outstanding and extensive ITAD services. They should support your decommissioning project in a responsible, efficient, and secure manner.

Use this checklist to help you identify the right professional.

On-site Services

  • Does the company provide project planning support before their servicing?

  • Does this vendor offer on-site data destruction services to maximize data security?

  • Can this professional perform services without disrupting the client’s daily operations?


Data Destruction

  • Does this industry specialist facilitate multiple methods of data destruction? 

  • Can this company manage different types of storage media?

  • Can this vendor destroy high volumes of data?

  • Do the various destruction options this business offers meet DoD guidelines?

  • If the technology destruction has to be handled off-site, how does this professional guarantee an unbroken chain of custody?


Asset Recovery

  • Does this vendor treat the equipment carefully during the decommissioning process?

  • Does this company run assessments to evaluate the reusability of each asset for resell?

  • Can it ensure reformatting each hardware to its maximum appraisal value?

  • Is this vendor an industry expert who can sell your equipment and obtain maximum value?

  • Does it have a diverse network in IT secondary markets?

  • Does the company hold a strong business presence in the various Global Markets?


Recycling Obsolete Parts &Commodities

  • Can this vendor guarantee or provide proof that no e-waste is illegally exported or sent to landfills?

  • Do this company’s processes meet industry standards and guidelines?



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Vendor Assessment Checklist


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