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EDM’s Reforestation Commitment

EDM has partnered with Eden to plant trees in deforestation-affected areas.

EDM Recycling is an IT recycling company. We help our customers achieve their technology and sustainability goals through our IT Asset Disposition services. Some of our solutions include the proper destruction of hardware, assessing equipment viability for repurposing, and finding the best resale value for your inventory. Because data security is our priority, our experts ensure the proper and secure deletion of all information from your systems.


Our environmental promise is at the core of our business. It pushes us to focus beyond electronic recycling, data security, or IT asset value recovery. And, it drives us towards building a better world through eco-friendly initiatives. That is why we are excited to share that we are partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects.

In celebration of Earth Day, we are thrilled to announce that EDM is planting 10,000 trees! But our efforts to support the rebuilding of biodiversity habitats will not end there. Our commitment will continue with our promise to plant up to 10 trees every time a customer hires us for our services.


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Why are we doing this?

While our recycling efforts continue to support our clients’ sustainability commitment, we also look through the various aspects of sustainability for ways to meet our environmental advocacy. As an IT recycling company, we recognize that there are no boundaries to the effects of driving sustainable solutions. So, why not further our commitment to building a safer environment beyond electronic recycling?


Each one of our employees cares about the environment and the footprints we leave behind. So, we have decided to move our sustainability endeavors beyond the point of sale and into helping rebuild harmed green areas. We want to support bringing life back to deforestation-affected areas through our partnership with Eden.


As a leading company in our industry, we also want to set a path for other businesses to follow. We want to inspire more companies to become involved in projects that help care for the environment.

​​What is Eden Reforestation Projects?

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organization committed to achieving global forest restoration. It partners with various organizations to help revert the effects of deforestation through tree planting. 


This non-profit also brings hope for a better life. Eden’s reforestation efforts reach beyond the planting of millions of trees. They also deliver job opportunities for people who live in or near the affected areas. By hiring locals to manage the planting and caring of the trees, this organization helps boost the local economy and improve the quality of life for many people.


Eden has reforestation projects in 8 countries, from Asia to Africa to the Caribbean Sea to Central America. Its 232 projects have led to the rebuilt of biodiversity habitats. The Eden team has planted over 583 million trees, all natives to the local areas.

The Future of EDM Recycling Social Impact

Caring for the environment is at the center of our daily operations. Our employees care, and we care. As we continue to support Eden’s reforestation efforts, we are also eager to look for new opportunities and partnerships that support our social responsibility commitment. Our drive to building a more sustainable environment doesn’t end here. We are just starting.

Contact us if you have questions about the tree planting program or if you have opportunities for sustainability partnerships.

Image by Sushobhan Badhai

We are working to make this a better world, one social responsibility partnership at a time!

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