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EDM Recycling

Data Destruction

Why EDM?

EDM Recycling is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. We work side by side with you to design, implement, operate, and monitor your IT Asset Disposition programs. We offer a full chain-of-custody solution that tracks each asset from arrival to destruction.  We utilize the following operating standards when destroying data:


  • Conformance with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) data destruction standards

  • Support of all types of hard drive subsystems: IDE, SCSI, ATA, Fibre Channel, SATA, and SAS

  • Detailed reporting and chain of custody options

Our Process


EDM provides three distinct data destruction options: Data Erasure, Hard Drive Crushing, and Hard Drive Shredding. Our experts help facilitate comprehensive data destruction and electronic recycling. We provide asset serial number reporting and a certificate of destruction report on the same day of service. Clients can track the status of their materials via our secure portal.

Data Destruction Services Options


EDM provides the most competitive price in the market. Have a question? Contact our experts for help

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