IT Asset Recovery

Why recover electronics?

While recycling sounds like the only great solution, in reality, repurposing or reusing electronics is even more sustainable for the environment since it reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces needless waste. Additionally, recovering electronics unlocks a new stream of revenue that you can utilize to upgrade your existing technologies. Although our goal is to create a more sustainable world, this is not our only objective; our other objective is to help your business.





Turn retired IT assets into revenues

Included with the ITAD package, our Asset Recovery program consists of a dedicated team that will perform a full inspection on all of your retired assets to identify market value. After separating the retired assets according to functionality and condition, we will either remarket, refurbish, or recycle your end-of-life assets in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. Through our smart pricing tool and our remarketing process that consists of an exceptional network of worldwide buyers, we can ensure that you will receive maximum returns for your assets. You will receive cash in hand as we do all of the work for you, from repair, refurbishment, component harvesting, to reselling.

Why EDM's Recovery Program?

Immediate Payment

There is no need to wait for buyers to purchase your assets. Get your cash instantly once your item is deemed to have recoverable value.


We are experts when it comes to sustainability. You can trust that we will properly recycle your items to reduce your carbon footprint.

Global Network

EDM Recycling is connected to an exemplary network of buyers. We make consistent deals that will get the best prices for your assets.


Never lose sight of where your assets go. With thorough reporting, you will be able to track every single item.

Smart Pricing

We utilize tools to monitor market prices for your assets. With this tool, we will sell your assets at the right time for the best value.


Data safety is highly important. That is why we will work to properly erase your data before reselling to our buyers.